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For locals, summer residents, and anyone visiting our beautiful South Woods/Five Ponds area of the Adirondacks, there are two new stores that you will want to see. In Cranberry Lake, PJ and Erica Birchenough have opened Birch’s Lakeside General Store are breathing new life into the heart of the village. Many will recognize the Birchenough name and the long ties they have to the area. PJ and Erica remodeled much of the inside of the store, but still offer gifts, groceries, and other necessities for summer on the lake. Some of the shelves still need stocking, but the campsite is up and running and you’ll find much of what you need right there in one place.

In Star Lake, there’s the Holy Grail Gift Shop. Trudie, the owner, is a Star Lake native who spent months rehabilitating and remodeling the old church next to the drug store. She’s created a warm, welcoming, and wonderful spot with some of the best merchandise you’ll find anywhere. Until now, anyone looking for a variety of high-quality gifts and souvenirs would need to go to Tupper or Saranac. This store is a must see for anyone living in the area, visiting in the summer, or simply passing by. Don’t miss it!

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  1. Lucia VerSteeg


    I loved spending time looking at all of the unique Adirondack merchandise and left with a full shopping bag. What a welcome addition to our area!

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