Summer Fun in Clifton-Fine

By Susan Sweeney-Smith

It is almost summer here in the Clifton Fine Region. It is very hard not to be happy here this time of year (except for JuneBugs – yuck). 

Lots of old friends are coming in for the summer. I have had three great coffee dates already — one lasted four hours! I love so many people who live, work and summer here. This time of year there are so many hugs and heartfelt hellos and people telling me I look fabulous (yes, that is honestly a thing). 

The new shopping options are fun (Birch’s Lakeside and Holy Grail). I actually met a group of women from Trout Lake at Adirondack Rustic in Oswegatchie who had come down just to shop! Clifton Fine is an official shopping destination…. who knew (well, obviously the ladies from Trout Lake).

I had car issues and Bill and crew and Jim’s Auto fixed me up just fine and charged fairly for the work. 

I found a kitten on the road in Fine and brought it home – fully expecting my husband to have a complete cow. Instead, he laughed and said “Oh Susan, what’s one more…”. The man can still surprise me.

I am doing my volunteer work for the HUB which is complicated and lovely and exhausting – but mostly lovely. Some of you may have read my rant on our Facebook page about needing help. For the record, ranting never works. No one offered to help. I honestly didn’t deserve any help after being such a curmudgeon.

There is SO MUCH to do…. visit the directory on this Blog and look at all the places posters are up. LOTS and a WIDE VARIETY of things to do – concerts, talks, art, story walks, museum in Wanakena, open mic nights at Otto’s Abode, CL North Shore Hub in Cranberry Lake…. places to go, shopping to do, people to hug. 

Seriously, if you are not happy right now in the magic of this region, go outside and breathe. Hug a tree. Look up at the night sky and marvel at the beauty in our night sky. Dive in the lake. Shop. Eat. All local.

With Love,

Susan Sweeney-Smith and Junior Welling smiling for a selfie.
Susan Sweeney Smith shares
smile with Junior Welling

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