Firecracker 2023 Race Results

By Halsey Bagg

The results are in! If you ran in the race and would like to see your times go to and look under EVENTS.

This year’s Firecracker (a 5K/10K Run and Fun Walk) had 193 participants, up 18 from last year’s record 175. Our photographer, Chuck Yartz, took almost 200 pictures, so there is a good chance you might be in one of them. To see all his photos they are posted on the website under PHOTOS 2023.

Congratulations to Ian Ward, the Race Director and his team consisting of Darcy Ward, Jenna Burkard, Paul Burkard, Carol Murray, Catlin Lee, Mark Friden, Deb Roberts, Dave Daut, Ted Ward, Wendi Bigelow, Scott Bigelow, Chuck Yartz and Lynn Morgan.

The success of the race necessitated exploring new processes for keeping track of runners times and this year included using a Leader Board. Racer’s bibs included a tear off section that was affixed to the leaderboard showing their results.

A photo of the Firecracker race results board.
Firecracker 2023 race results

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